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PEMF Session

Encourage a natural state of wellness, recovery, and release.

Service Description

Pricing: Humans | $40 Animals under 15lbs | $20 Animals 15-25 lbs | $30 Animals 26-75lbs | $40 Animals over 76 lbs | $50 Horses & Livestock | $75 --- What to expect with a PEMF session: There are 6 reasons, or contraindications, that PEMF cannot be safely performed. If you or your animal have any of the following, PEMF cannot be used: 1) have active bleeding (not including menstruation), 2) are pregnant, 3) have any internal battery operated devices such as pacemaker, defibrillator, cochlear implant, diabetes device, etc, 4) have non-MRI compatible stents, 5) have external fixators, 6) have ever had an organ transplant. I can travel to you, or you can come to me for humans and small animals. I will always travel to you for horses and livestock. Plan on one hour for each appointment location. That includes set up, education, explanation, questions, and tear down. If there is more than one session being done at one location (example: a human and a dog), the time will vary. Each session will vary in time, depending on the species. Human sessions and medium/large pets/exotics and small/medium livestock generally last about 30 minutes, horses and large livestock can go 30-45 minutes, small animals can go for 5-15 minutes. Sessions are done with a rolling machine the size of a suitcase with coil attachments. The machine plugs into a regular 110 outlet; I will need access to one to plug into, and a comfortable and quiet place for you or your animal to sit or lay. I have a small generator for outside areas or places with no outlet. The energy signal penetrates up to 16 inches. There is no special clothing required; wear what is comfortable. Sessions can be done with braces, wraps, casts, etc. Pets can lay in beds, on blankets, on furniture, the floor, or owner's lap. Small animals can be given a session in a cage, carrier, or box if needed. Large animals need to be in a form of halter or harness, and tied or held by the owner for the whole session. All animals MUST be handleable, safe, and not pose a threat to themselves, their owners, or the PEMF practitioner. If animals will not tolerate the session or become dangerous, the session will be ended at the discretion of the PEMF practitioner and/or owner. You will be contacted by Stephanie with Back2Basics Therapy LLC for appointment confirmation and further pre-session instructions. Please reach out with any questions or concerns!

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