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What is PEMF?

What is PEMF?

Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) allows the body to achieve a natural state of wellness.  MagnaWave machines have a unique electrical current that runs through a coil that creates a pulsing magnetic field.  Using PEMF can stimulate cell metabolism, increase circulation and oxygenation, and reduce inflammation.  This action can cause a chain of processes in the body that could lead to improved health without adverse side effects. 

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Mimicking the Earth's Natural Magnetic Field (Schumann's Resonance) 

Electric and magnetic fields control our chemistry by changing and influencing the motion of charged particles. This movement stimulates a vast array of chemical and electric actions in tissues, helping them rebalance or heal themselves where necessary. Additionally, this increased motion of ions and electrolytes helps cells increase their available energy by as much as 500%.

Electromagnetic fields affect the charge of the cell membrane, rebalancing it so that membrane channels can open up. These channels are like the doors and windows of a house – by opening them, oxygen and nutrients are better able to enter the cell, and carbon dioxide and waste are more easily eliminated from the cell. This helps to rebalance and restore optimum cell function.  If you restore and rebalance enough cells, they will all work more efficiently. Cells of the same type come together to make tissues, which come together to make organs. By restoring or maintaining cellular function, you will in turn restore or maintain organ function, allowing the entire body to function better. This is the basis for magnetic field therapy – affecting and improving basic cellular function in order to combat a variety of health conditions and when possible, prevent cellular damage from happening in the first place.


Each lightning burst on Earth creates electromagnetic waves that begin to circle around Earth captured between Earth's surface and a boundary about 60 miles up. Some of the waves - if they have just the right wavelength - combine, increasing in strength, to create a repeating atmospheric heartbeat known as Schumann resonance.  While research on the benefits of Schumann resonance is ongoing, multiple studies suggest that the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz positively affects human and animal health and well-being. It has been linked to improved cognitive functions, reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced immune function, sleep function, and much more.  

How does PEMF work?

High powered PEMF machines generate results at an accelerated rate and can be easily adjusted for optimal level of penetration.  Using MagnaWave sends a pulsating charge through tissues to provide energy to large focal areas like joints and major muscle groups.  Penetration of the charge can be up to 16 inches into the body.  Twitching muscles help to identify increased resistance such as inflammation, imbalances, pain, tension, edema, lactic acid buildup, etc. By pinpointing the sensitive areas, the practitioner is able to work at the source of pain rather than just manage symptoms.  The analgesic effect of PEMF is different from drugs.  PEMF removes/changes the state of pain production at the cellular level, so the CAUSE of pain is diminished vs shutting off or interrupting the signal of pain using drugs.  

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What to expect in a session

You and your practitioner will set a session date, time, and location.  Release forms will be signed, and questions answered at the beginning of the session.  Education will be done throughout the first session to ensure you are aware of what is going on.  Sessions last anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on human or animal size.  Hydration is important to avoid cell detoxification symptoms, and your practitioner will ask you to drink water and electrolyte drinks to replenish nutrients and flush toxins released by increased cell function.  You or your animal may feel energized or relaxed after a session.  Session notes are taken each time, and saved for 1 year from the date of service.  Your practitioner will follow up with you in the days following sessions, and give you an opportunity to report what was experienced.  There is no way to determine how long effects will last, as each body will distribute and utilize the energy differently.  Effects could last for hours to weeks.  Session frequency depends on what is being addressed, but sessions can be done anywhere from daily to monthly.       

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